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FICM Grads
Shane and Cheyenne entered
the program engaged to be
married and were Married by
Tim when they graduated
Faith In Christ Mission
PO Box 94
Hamilton, TX 76531

Your first step is to e-mail us.

You would be amazed on how many people can't or won't follow simple
instructions.  The process we bring you through indicates to us how
serious you are about your recovery and your willingness to do the things
we ask to be eligible for entrance.  

Parents contacting us about an adult who needs help is an indication that
the adult needing help is not willing to do the things he needs to in order
to change.  An addict is always willing to allow others to work harder on
their recovery then they are.  

A phone number will be available after
an approval for entrance into FICM has been given.
We do not disclose where the residence actually stay

Speaking Recovery program
is designed to help those
suffering from alcohol or drug