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In Simple words
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We teach that Jesus Christ can deliver you from anything.
We teach that your attitude must change before you can change.
We Teach that you are able to change destructive behavior.
We teach you must put into practice the things you learn.

There is hope if you are willing.

A Word about other organizations

We believe that the principles of recovery were founded in the Bible;
therefore we teach some of the same recovery principles that other
recovery-based organizations teach but we claim Jesus Christ as our higher
power.  Because our way of teaching is similar to those recovery
organizations doesn't mean we are condoning or rejecting their teachings,
but rather we are simply teaching recovery principles we found in the Bible.

We believe that for MANY people with serious drug problems, REMOVAL
from the environment where drugs are available & REMOVAL from the
sources of pressure to use drugs is vital.

We believe that solitude, time away to reflect on one's life & the unfolding of
events that caused a need for drastic change is vital.

We believe that the solutions to the underlying reasons WHY a person's life
has spiraled out of control are often the result of the individual's choice to
deviate from basic Biblical teachings.

We believe that recovery can succeed through the development of a safe &
trusting relationship designed to bring the person to a place where they can
receive positive feedback, biblical instruction, and at times "difficult to hear"
feedback that will help the person come to terms with aspects of themselves
that may be difficult to acknowledge yet cause many of the chronic problems
in their lives.

Some Resources we may use:

Life Recovery Bible, (your gift upon entry)
Steps to Freedom in Christ, (Neil Anderson)
Victory over the darkness (Neil Anderson)
12 step principles found in scriptures (students are encouraged to bring The
Big Book)
Relapse prevention strategies
Learning proper attitude and approach toward recovery.
Working on your T.R.A.C.C. Record. (a copyright 2005 program created by
FICM), designed to lead the individual through the recovery process.  
Celebrate Recovery curriculum
Measure of a Man curriculum

DECLARATION : (1)  the treatment
and recovery services at Faith in
Christ Mission are exclusively
religious in nature and are not
subject to licensure or regulation by
the Texas Commission on Alcohol
and Drug Abuse;  and (2)  Faith In
Christ Mission offers only
non-medical treatment and recovery
methods, such as prayer, moral
guidance, spiritual counseling, and
scriptural study.