Affordable Help for a successful Recovery   

Where could you visit and receive:

  • A safe environment free from the pressures of drugs,
comfortable un cramped space for privacy, and solitude,
professional one-on-one Christian Counseling from a staff trained in substance
  • Skills that can help you in a life of recovery,  
  • A relaxed setting that will foster focus, reflection, and meditation,  
  • Freedom for personal time and recreation
  • And after-care support
  • Veterans are Free

We do not charge for discipleship.  Our mission relies on donations from those we
Don't let money issues keep you from seeking help, e-mail us. with subject  'rehab'  

*** Mandatory Prepaid Deposit***

Faith in Christ Mission requires a $500.00 deposit paid by cashiers check at least three (3) days i
n advance of the individuals arrival to the Mission.
 Again, don't let money issues stop you from

This deposit  assists the Mission with preparation for the individuals arrival.

This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and should not be sent unless the individual is committed to

All monies must be paid in advance by cashier's check, cash, or money order. No personal, or
business checks please.  
There are no refunds and all monies are forfeited should a person be
discharged or choose to leave and break their commitment to receive discipleship.

From Jeff's mom

This mission is under the
love and direction of Mr. Tim
Rickert who has been
serving our Lord in this
capacity for many years.  His
Christian recovery approach
is truly a blessing and has
been amazing in touching
the lives of many men in a
very positive way, including
my son Jeff.  I am thankful to
Tim and his ministry and
especially for God who led
me and Jeff to this small,
humble mission with a big
and mighty love for our Lord
and is serving Him by
leading lost souls to the
powerful healing that only
God can provide.  

I encourage you to refer
Faith In Christ Mission to
those whom God places in
your path.  The mission is
affordable and Tim provides
lots of one on one
counseling while helping
those who come to
experience a spiritual
awakening with God, which
indeed is "the key" for
overcoming addictions.

Thank you Tim - I know your
ministry has changed my
son's life and he has found a
peace and healing at Faith
In Christ Mission that he has
never found anywhere else.
May you continue to be
blessed acting as God's
hands and feet in this
service to others.