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Faith in Christ Mission

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Come and Learn to Stay FREE FROM ADDICTION

Many lives have Changed

Faith in Christ Mission Inc. Is an environment of
discipleship and teaching with an emphasis on recovery for

Areas of Focus

Certain behavior can go beyond just using and abusing
substances therefore, attention will be given to some of the
following areas; Depression, Stress management, coping,
relationships, parenting problems, emotional distress,
planning, goal setting, and learning to set priorities.

Personal touch

Our desire is to offer a family environment that is
affordable, as well as effective in helping those willing to
change and rebuild their lives, therefore FICM only excepts
a small number of Guests at any given time, which allows for
more one-on-one involvement.

A Family Matter

Because we believe that the family is very much effected by
the addiction, we feel that in most cases the family of the
person in treatment should be closely involved in the
recovery and treatment process.

Counseling Approach

FICM is a Christian, faith-based (Christ centered)
organization that does not ignore, but welcomes the
merging of professional Pastoral counseling, (individual,
and family) and psychotherapeutic approaches to treating
the whole person to include the spiritual, physical,
psychological, and behavioral impairments often developed
after prolonged or even short-term but extreme exposure
to drug and alcohol abuse.


We are tucked in Central Texas's beautiful landscape 3
hours south of Fort Worth/Dallas, and 4 hours from Houston.
We do not  disclose where the men actually stay (Mission Office)

For the last seven years of my life,
I knew nothing but addiction. My
life was out of control, I had lost
nearly everything of value, I had
ruined many relationships, and
what's worse, I could see no end
to the insanity. I feel that God led
me to Faith in Christ Mission,
where I was able to get away from
my destructive environment and
leave my addictive lifestyle
behind. I realized there is a better
way to live, and within the safe
environment of Faith in Christ
Mission, I learned a new way of
life. I developed and practiced a
lifestyle based on accountability,
responsibility, and trust. I truly
believe that as long as I continue
to put into practice the tools that I
learned at Faith in Christ Mission, I
can now live a life of sanity and
achieve all my goals.  Jason
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